The force abides, man that would’ve been a better The dad Abides shirt. A moment of silence for those who haven’t watched Star Wars. This is you as a star wars character, star wars viii the revenge of the dude. Edit the when Rey opens a small chest of the lightsaber. I came here to read comments about the post, Sorry. This aggression will not stand the man. Look, dad, I found a cat in the street. Well, that’s the only pussy you’re ever gonna get curls up into a ball and cries. Smokey, this is not the Empire, this is the Republic. There are rules.

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The dad Abides shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

The dad Abides Sweater


The dad Abides Tank top

Tank top

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Well, I wonder what he will do when it comes to a The dad Abides shirt where he can’t do certain things that are impossible to do. My dad rescued me when his Dodge Truck door opened I fell, I grabbed the door my foot was dragging on the street as it turned the corner, he pulled me back in. I saw the real terror in his eyes. This was a real-life experience I knew he was my real hero. It was an antique truck. That’s super CUTE! and she’ll be like “my powers ain’t working with others.


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