Love Daddy shark American flag shirt and I love this beautiful family the ones with the negative comments please exit to the right where you see the 3 dots! Your negativity isn’t needed! She is a very lucky little girl to have the family she does. Say what you want about this family – they are clearly engaged with each other and enjoying family life! Love these videos! Everly is a super star diva and I mean that in the nicest way! She’s adorable. Love her sassiness. Love this. This is the type of content that needs to go viral. Capturing epic family memories. I just love these two!! He’s such a great dad! Such a wonderful family.

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Daddy shark American flag shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Daddy shark American flag Sweater


Daddy shark American flag Tank top

Tank top

Best Daddy shark American flag shirt

I love watching your family and Daddy shark American flag shirt. I think it’s awesome that he and his daughter do that. Great memories they are making. Keep it up. Great job. Seriously I adore your family! I have two little girls of my own and my bf is just like you, always goofy and dancing with them. I won’t lie they aren’t as good as you guys tho! But they’re perfect in my eyes anyways also almost named my youngest ever leigh because I adore the name but we picked Audri.


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