That’s me escaping Darth Vader I hate people shirt with the Plans and screaming Launch! Glad so many of you enjoyed it. It was an amazing experience for me as an actor. Not many people can say they’ve escaped from Lord Vader. Epic scene. Give me half a chance and I’ll help you recreate it wouldn’t it just be awesome to recreate this scene at a troop. Ha well, you really managed to portray the pure panic of someone who knows what they’re seconds from being cut in half by a lightsaber! As a long-time Star Wars fan this is probably one of my favorite scenes from the whole series. Good job.

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Darth Vader I hate people shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Darth Vader I hate people Sweater


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Probably my all-time favorite scene in the Darth Vader I hate people shirt universe. Thanks for taking the time to give us some insight at Bradford comic con a couple of years ago. So proud to have your autograph and the plans in my collection and slaughter all of you at least the princess and stupid droids survived. You’re in my favorite Star Wars movie! I even rank it above Empire. It’s arguably the best Star Wars movie yet.



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    I love the new T-shirt. Thank you very much! I will order some more for Halooween. Cheers!

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