I have always loved Disney Baloo talespin shirt from my childhood. Japan has 2 Disney streaming services already. And they are both good. Can’t wait for this one. I’ve been Growing up by watching all The series as duck tales, Winnie the pooh Chip and Dale and many more. So finally The platform has been all set. Really excited about all the new content. Just read the list of what systems it will stream on. Unfortunately, I have Samsung and Amazon tv’s which are not listed. Definitely would have gotten Disney plus, now probably not. I can’t wait to see this streaming I like Disney my favorite.

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Disney Baloo talespin shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

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Thanks for taking all my faves off Netflix. I hope they also have classic Disney Baloo talespin shirt. I would love to be able to share shows I love like PB&J Otter, Bear in the Big Blue House, Stanley, Handy Manny, and so many others with new generations of my family. Sony just messed up by taking Spiderman from Disney. Now the movies are going to be horrible. I’m done with Sony. I’m not buying any of there products. Let us get your cruise ships out to the Bahamas and help them out with a place to stay, eat and clean up. It’s the least you could do. Then get all the other ship liners to do it too! Thank you.

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    I like this shirt

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