I hope we also get the original one so we can watch back to back Disney Minnie bar shirt. The Tramp live-action will be streaming there only. It’ll also have all the companies that Disney has collected. Netflix finna have a record-breaking unsubscription rate mark my words. I hope all the Disney movies will be on it I’m so excited about this news about Lizzie McGuire as well I’m a huge fan. I’m literally crying because I’m so excited. That isn’t sad at all tero or Alejandro, for him to be so happy about it is a good thing! the world has way too much sadness and bad things- just let this person be happy.

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I used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid. Disney Minnie bar shirt, give us a live-action sitcom of The Proud Family. As an incredibly too skinny man. I can respect this. I mean look I turn sideways I disappear turns leaving just a line barely visible to the human eye. Please bring back Gargoyles too, with Greg Weisman as showrunner. I’m thrilled to death with everything you are doing with the Disney here. Yet the most important question of all is what is going on with the classic shorts? You know, the ones from the 30’s ’40s and 50’s? Sit in the vault and collect more dust?

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    I love cartoon and love it

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