My screen has a Eat a dick Francis shirt and so I am not able to see the video clearly but from the comments, I can assure you that the wedding was fantastic. The only thing we are wishing the couple is a fabulous honeymoon and a happy married life. I am proud to say cool post, wow thanks for sharing. Amazing! You are the absolute straightest man I’ve ever seen! Just incredible. I expected that and turned my volume down. Spot on! Now, I must eat my third banana for the day. Was at a stoplight with my windows down and my phone connected to Bluetooth got an odd look from the car next to me.

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Wait so your suppose to peel the Eat a dick Francis shirt first when you eat it. The proper way for a dude to eat bananas is to just eat the banana. But don’t make eye contact with anyone while doing so. Am I the only one that dips my banana in mayonnaise first. This is how you use bananas? ive been putting them in the wrong hole all this time. I thought they didn’t my husband won’t eat a banana, carrot, cucumber unless sliced or a large pickle now I know why.

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    Brilliant, quality t, I ordered the 9.99 one, print looks perfect, exactly as I hoped. Size also looks spot on. Thank you street shirts will definitely be using you again in the very near future, particularly since I have a £10 voucher from yourselves to use!

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