What a douche canoe she tried to imitate Egg Boy is my hero poster shirt, egged a politician after he made insensitively, controversial comments but failed to crack the egg looks like she dropped it in the motion and ended up just slapping his head did it with weed on her at the time surely you knew you’d get arrested said she did it for the refugees, and is a 25 yo feminist who works part-time at Cotton On. Typical clueless political activist. Should be a minimum of 5 years in the big house to reflect, a very low IQ individual. If she had copped a few left hooks from Scotty she would have scored better.

Egg Boy is my hero poster shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Egg Boy is my hero poster Hoodie


Egg Boy is my hero poster Tank top

Tank top

Best Egg Boy is my hero poster shirt

It’s a bit like Egg Boy is my hero poster shirt in that regard. She couldn’t look more stereotypical if she tried, also stereotypical that sequels hardly ever live up to the original. It’s almost as if people dress and style themselves without asking for your approval. Did you just assume their gender? amazing how someone with a bunch of profile pictures uploaded from Google images thinks he’s in a position to judge other people based on appearance lmao. Victorian woman, Amber Paige 24 has been charged with common assault.


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