The Memphis International Airport has an Excuse the Memphis in me shirt and it’s a name you’re sure to recognize. Penny Hardaway is bringing back that Memphis swagger. Everyone is so butt hurt that Memphis getting stacks of players, haters going to hate! See yall in March. Interesting to see if he can coach them. I thought they underachieved last year. Just until his AAU players and contacts run dry. Funny how the AD left yesterday. This won’t end well they were a little penny. His checkbook is putting in work still won’t do anything. All this hatred for Penny, but it’s OK for Duke to buy the best negroes and don’t win a championship.

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Excuse the Memphis in me shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Excuse the Memphis in me Tank top

Tank top

Excuse the Memphis in me Sweater


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The bias against mid-majors is real with Excuse the Memphis in me shirt. It’s bizarre to me how the fans of some teams both college and pros feel entitled. How Blues City Cafe is not in the conversation is beyond me. Definitely the best and my favorite in my opinion. But not sure there isn’t a place in Memphis that doesn’t have great BBQ. It’s amazing! Memphians love Memphis. Don’t make us come over there, KC. Central is the best in my book, and they went to the best one for ribs, the downtown location. I understand everyone has their own personal preference for BBQ but people hating on Central are out of their minds.


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