The Ten Commandments reveal to us how God wants us to live our lives. Love God, love our fellow brethren. But the Family camping 2017 vintage shirt Also,I will get this Ten Commandments also reveal to us that we are all sinners and in need of saving. We have all lied, stolen, lusted, hated and coveted. This is proof that we are sinners. We sin in thought and action. Therefore since we are all sinners, we are in need of a Savior and that Savior is Jesus Christ. The Law already condemns us. What many people do not understand is that we are already condemned. Each one of us is condemned and deserving of punishment. Our punishment is eternal destruction in the lake of fire. The wages of sin is death. However, because of Father God’s love for us, He offers us salvation by His generous grace, through the redemptive works on His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a sinless life. Only He is eligible to be a final atonement for all of the sins of mankind. This is how great the grace of Father God really is, it is so large, that it covers all of our sins, past, present and future. Our souls are eternal, having no beginning and no end. So God did not create our souls, having only created our spiritual and physical bodies, in which our core soul resides. So neither God nor any other being created souls who choose evil or good. Becoming good or evil is a result of ones own choices. A wise deity would allow souls to choose their own paths, rather than force them to choose one way or the other. Just like a wise parent, who allows his/her children to choose their own path, while guiding and encouraging them to take the path they recommend based on wisdom and experience. Since we are eternal beings, having no real beginning and no end, then our very brief earthly existence is but a small speck in our eternal life. It is however a very important one, crucial to our eternal progression in knowledge and wisdom, and one during which we are left on our own to choose and seek after good, based on the culture and society we are born in, and the gifts, challenges, and strengths/weaknesses we are born with. To those to whom much is given, much is expected.Both suffering and joy are a crucial part of our brief earthly sojourn.

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And God allows suffering and pain for that reason, and also because of the Family camping 2017 vintage shirt Also,I will get this allowance for free will. All pain and suffering will be more than compensated for, many times over, after we pass on to the next stage of our eternal existence at the death of our physical bodies. To judge God harshly, based on our very limited time on earth, when weighed against our eternal nature, is shortsighted and incorrect, losing sight of the immense forest of beauty and abundance, based on the sighting of a few diseased trees within our very limited view of our short physical existence on this earth. All pain and suffering will be healed in the eternities and more than compensated for, many many times over. What some religions call “hell” is really a place that one chooses, based on choices given freely to them, as noted in my earlier comments. The meaning of “damnation” is much like a dam that holds water back. Such a one can choose to be held back from progressing and growing in wisdom, by barriers that one erects on one’s own, by choosing the lesser over the better. I don’t mean this in a smart mouthed way, but I encourage you to do some internet searching on Scientific Skepticism. It’s long and winding path, but following the science will answer this question for you. You are asking the right kind of question my friend. Why indeed would god punish us for something we were essentially made to be? It has just been discovered that our universe is so much larger than we thought, that we could compare the size of the universe we can observe, with our current technology, to an atom. So our known universe would be the size of an atom compared to the universe we have just discovered may be the case. There are already about a trillion galaxies in our known universe with an average of a trillion stars each. In addition to the galaxies, there are just as many stars that aren’t in galaxies. About half of the stars we are finding have planets, and many of those planets have moons that could support life. There are varying estimations of what percent of planets and moons could support life as we know it, but even if you assume a .00025 chance of finding a habitable planet, there are about 2 trillion times a trillion chances for a single star star to have a habitable planet.



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    Great choice of shirt cuts and colours. Printing is good quality. Delivery is quick. Can’t fault it.

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    Ordered T shirt for my sons stag do, albeit my payment did not go through first time I was kept up to date by email every step of the way. T shirt arrived when they said it was going to and was of good quality. would defiantly use again.

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    Fast effective and good quality.

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    Really good quality printing- true to my design, and the t shirt is a good fit too. As the delivery was slower than anticipated (but still very quick!) I also was given a discount for my next order. Will be using this site again in future.

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    Once again outstanding service on this order. “The” only site youl ever need for garments and printing.

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