And if it’s true that our universe may actually be orders of magnitude bigger than our own universe, the Family doesn’t fight alone shirt and I will buy this odds of more intelligent species out there is staggering. And if you consider the universe as we know it has been around for billions of years, there has been a lot of time for things to happen. Most galaxies look pretty much identical to our own, and we have a very common star type and planetary system. If our known universe is the size of an atom compared to the size of the new model of the universe, and we are tiny little things within our known universe, think about how truly tiny we are for as seriously as we take ourselves. In this ginormously vast universe, I think there are a lot more things god would be interested in dealing with than deciding if you should go to hell or not. With the billions of people on this one planet alone, and all the countless animals and other intelligent species scattered throughout the known universe for the last 14 billion years or so, hell would be getting pretty crowded about now. Hell wasn’t created for man, it was for Satan and his cohort. Matthew 1 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Obviously, if they don’t want to obey, they will end up there not because God wants to, but because He is a God of principle. That’s why Jesus says in Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Allaah does not admit people to Paradise or Hell simply because He knows that they deserve that, rather He will admit them to Paradise or Hell on the basis of the deeds that they actually did in this world. If Allaah created mankind and put them in His Hell, they would soon argue that He did not test them or give them the chance to strive. Allaah wanted to refute this argument, so He created them in this world and gave them reason, and revealed His Books, and sent His Messengers; all of that is so that they will have no argument against Allaah on the Day of Resurrection.

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To begin with there isn’t a hell or a heaven up there or down anywhere! All these are a phantom imaginations of those who have advocated a religion – every religion on earth is man-made – to instil fear or seek importance from people to follow the Family doesn’t fight alone shirt and I will buy this religious beliefs advocated by him! The so called “spirit” which probably leaves the body leaving it cold and lifeless thereafter, cannot have any feeling, sight, pain, pleasure and smell without the neuro-logical system the body verily had when alive. It is so sad that lies are told about judgement day, penalties by the God and pleasures which humans enjoy whilst alive on this earth. At the very least why don’t these punishments and pleasures be different from those we all experience on this earth. It is the same thing that repeats up there – lashes, burning in oil, tooth/nail pulling, beautiful maidens, etc which are ridiculously “skin deep” and surprised God has to take us up there to punish us when these could have been meted out when we are here on this earth! The query is spot on – when God has Himself created the “bad” then why punish them. Certain people would draw a parallel to parenting a child – wrong – they didn’t create the child – they were instrumental in the birth of the child – big big difference! This is for those who believe in a God. If God exists and is responsible for creation, how could the parents have created a child? All punishment and pleasures are only available when on this earth. If one does good, even if the person doesn’t see the results, the progeny will surely do down the line. Now what is good and what is bad is also judged not by God but by our own conscience and mindset. What is good for some, is bad for others. The entire Universe is a balance of destruction and creation, good and bad, merit and demerit and finally virtue and evil When a lion is hungry, a deer has to up its life, when one makes money some one else is either not getting it or has to lose it, pleasurable sports is pain to the hunted, etc. The cycle goes on and on without any closure and hence the term “karma” in the Hindu philosophy which stems from Sanatana Dharma – no human ever contributes and is born only to destroy or give pain to one or the other or thyself from birth to death.



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