This is the most Floral mamae de dachshund shirt. I instantly thought of you when I saw this video! I think you’ll like the third little dog. Look how it gets dirt flying. This just melted my heart! So sad, but so cute. OMG melts my heart reminds me of mia! And her wheels lol. That’s a not a dash round. In case you needed to see the best thing ever. The last one are they clapping for me. Live it they all had fun especially the one with no legs in front it might have not won but it didn’t give up. That precious little baby dog didn’t have a customized lite-weight wheelchair. Its wheelchair was a homemade one that was made with love and from the heart out of whatever they had to try to make it easier for their baby to live a happier life.

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Floral mamae de dachshund shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

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I noticed the Floral mamae de dachshund shirt because I know someone that had a sweet black lab that got hit by a big truck and it survived but it was paralyzed and would drag his rear half & his legs, tail when he walked. Someone made him a homemade wheelchair and It had big wheels with rubber on them off a mower and the rest out of some kind of metal and it was heavy and it made it hard harder to roll. He was the sweetest dog & so loving to be in the shape he was! Now he has a new customized wheelchair & home at a pet shop & greets people when they come in.

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