Wow, you can’t come up with your own Forever the King est 2005 shirt. This is like the guy who’s friend always pushes his friend away and shows how the trick is done. Way more fun than this one. I was just thinking about that. This is taking originality too far. I was thinking the same thing, the Asian guys are better. Exactly what I was thinking. Way to copy someone else. Great copy cat skills. Y’all need a raise. With more practice and creativity, these two will get there. I think the Chinese version is a lot more humorous and genuine. I wonder where you got the idea from for this video.

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Well done for Forever the King est 2005 shirt many people’s intellectual property in the style of those two guys. This is not original the Chinese version was much better and looked authentic. You stole this routine from those Japanese guys. So much copied Even the facial expressions of the other guy. My first thought. But these guys are awesome this crap is five-minute trash. These 5 Min Crafters rip-off everyone else who has been out for years. Get some original material.



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    I love it

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