Then I ask you why humans killed Jesus who was done no sin, pure heart, and perfect being and never harmed anyone? God do not send anyone to Hell but we humans do to our self sending there. God made us for his purpose and he has been very patient with us all these years. God is all Love and he wants to love us each and everyday of our life. However, we humans mind is used in many wrong way and never to listen to the Fuck flowers give me crystals shirt What’s more,I will buy this God’s instruction of our life on the earth. Our sin is our own decision to done our self. God gives us a choice in every which way of life on the earth. However, since we are taking our own decision to do things, we must take our own responsibility for the acts. Simple it that. Until you understand that life never make sense. I assume you ask seriously, so I shall answer in that vein. Where did you get the idea of bad people going to hell? You state it very clearly and succinctly. It is a simple and direct idea, and it needs no special language to convey. So, I ask again, where in the basic text of our biblical tradition did you read this simple idea being stated simply? I have never seen it. It has been interpreted from other words. Why is this? I ask, because your idea is so simple that interpretation is unnecessary. I suggest that the idea is wholly wrong, in a theological sense. That is, there is no authoritative text that says this. It was, in fact, made up out of whole cloth. Now, if I am wrong, I welcome anyone who can set me straight and show me where God says that if you’re bad He will send you to hell. When we are born we know nothing,we learn belief from experience, as we grow we accept what is undeniable, the sun rises, the sun sets, water is wet, fire burns. Every experience becomes a fact of live and because we know it to be factual we can believe in it. Children trust thier parents unreservedly and listen and learn from them from birth. If these children are continually told lies they wiil accept the lies. They will accept, there is a god and there is a heaven, regardless of the fact that no one has seen a god or been to heaven. How millions and millions of people believe in things that irref utably cannot be proved is unbelievable to me.

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Is it the Fuck flowers give me crystals shirt What’s more,I will buy this baby, a little one that just born already labeled as bad? Is that really God created the innocent and no sins baby as a bad one? We all humans, we choose to do goods and also the bads. It’s all coming back to us when it deals with what we gonna do, what we gonna say to a person. And also the how the things and people around you, affects your life and personality. It is also true that you are made by people around you. He didn’t create people to be bad. Adam and Eve (the first people created) were great until they faced temptation and succumbed to it. Satan thought he had won at that point, but God didn’t give up. He maintained contact with humanity through prophets until he sent Jesus Christ. People are not perfect anymore, but through Jesus Christ we can be. God does not send people to hell. Evil acts cause a deformation of the spirit. Once a person has reverse evolved as a result of murdering or raping or torturing another person, as an example, the quality of their spirit changes When they die, their spirit decends. They can’t evolve up to a better place or be reborn into another human life. They are stuck with other energy draining evil creatures. This existence is Hell and can ultimately result in a soul death. From the Biblical point of God did not create bad people,in the genesis God created Adam and Eve it was their own false to disobey their father by eating the forbidden fruit.still God pardoned them and forgive them of their sin. in the book of Roman God says even if your sin red like a fire he can still clean it to become as white as sheep wool, meaning people has been given more chance to confess and repent of their sin. I’m currently writing a novel titled “The Ukrainian Game.” I’m the sole creator and “God” of the novel. Do I not have the right to do whatever I wish with the characters I create in my novel? Do I, as an author and creator, get the authority to determine which character is bad or good irrespective of the views of other characters in the novel who determine that the characters in question are either “bad” or “good” according to their limited perspective? How dare you, as a character with a limited perspective in God’s novel, question the motives or morality of the author.



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