One of the best parts is that Fuck you hand symbol shirt was all captured on video so everyone, knowing I was okay, could get a good laugh out of it. I absolutely love elephants and this is so funny I can’t stop laughing. The look on everyone else’s face is priceless. Lesson learned put phone away and enjoy what’s in front of you no sense in being there if your gonna be on phone the whole time that’s what’s wrong with people always looking down at phones just stop put phones away take time to enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature around you. I wish this had happened to the two women on safari with us who spent the whole time with theirs.

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Loved the video. Extremely satisfying to watch Fuck you hand symbol shirt! I think that animals had some problems due to mobiles that’s why this elephant reacted we should try not to use mobiles when close to them so that the mobile Ray’s should not affect them. Is it just me or did you guys to notice the smirk on the guy’s face when the elephant knocked the phone out of her hand..hope he is not her boyfriend else today is the last day of smirking. bet it’s not the first time she’s been slapped in the face with a big trunk just usually shes on her knees.


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