Not really a super flashy clip but I clutched a Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness shirt and planted while being drunk multiple times by that fuck echo and gave our team a second chance at aw. We were just at 500k two weeks ago. If you’re a part of the reznation family like and comment on this RIGHT NOW! I want to follow everybody I can! Ignore this if you not a part of the vision! I’m super blessed & humbled for each and every single one of you. Too many rappers act like robots or they’re not impacting the people positively. Fuck that! I will keep doing my best every day and entertaining y’all and spreading good vibes and positivity to the kids!

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Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness Sweater


Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness Tank top

Tank top

Best Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness shirt

I want to see all y’all chase your dreams and Fuck multiple sclerosis awareness shirt! Man! I’m rambling. Let’s go! The new album, MUSIC VIDEOS, and PRANKS ON THE WAY! Let’s hit 1 million subs this year! All the very best for your life ahead Selma. God bless her courage and strength, let her speak again next year and every year, Lord, with or without a camera! My love to you, Selma. I also have multiple sclerosis for approximately 15 years I can walk short distances of about 75 ft on my good days with my walker otherwise.


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