I am aware of the Genuine and trusted family counselor premium quality shirt Additionally,I will love this Garuda Purana which in Vedic scriptures of Sanatana Dharma explains the various effects of one’s actions and punishments thereof – now there are several severe terrorising punishments enough to deter a human from committing those gruesome acts when on this earth. Having said that it is clear these scriptures are clearly more a deterrent than an explanation of reality – reality is impossible as no one ever has seen anything that has happened up there to relay it to us here in this world. Once a human dies, it is all over – no coming back to relate the ethereal experiences up there. What we consider as sins here or virtues to be rewarded probably may mean nothing in the overall scheme of things. Remember every act is supposed to be connected with everything else in the Universe – the string theory in a fragile manner tries to explain this. The lake of fire was made for the Devil and his angels. Read that carefully. The Devil is a spirit of fire (essentially a djinn), his angels are beings of light and fire, so throwing them into a pit of fire is throwing them into a natural food source, no damage at all, no pain,not a punishment. Humans love to see other people tortured forever. No where in the Bible will you find people being burned but instead going to Gehenna (the garbage pit) where there is gnashing and wailing. Where do you find that in your city, the garbage dump where the homeless live and they keep the fires burning day and night to keep warm. The point of the parables of hell, is that you spend your eternal life with the garbage, rotting away, not possible. It’s meant to be a warning, not an end it itself. People wail when they are in mourning, it’s a funeral. You regret. According to Judaism, you do this for 11 months after your death, then you are with God and may return in the next generation – not wallow in the garbage dump forever. God does not create us to be bad nor does He tempt us to do so. The fact that we choose to sin on our own, often at the “suggestion” or tempting from Satan, started long ago in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit.

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As a result, people have been “infected” with the Genuine and trusted family counselor premium quality shirt Additionally,I will love this sin nature, rebelling against and disobeying God as a matter of course. There is always a consequence to sinful choices and destruction in some form and death (eternal destruction for those who have not received Jesus Christ and are born again) is the result. However, it doesn’t need to be this way for anyone. One of the blessings for those who receive Jesus Christ is that they are given a new nature and are freed from slavery or bondage to sin and the Holy Spirit gives them the power to make good (righteous) decisions, instead. As they continue to follow Jesus and obey Him in the things He shows them to do or not to do, they become more and more like Jesus (transformed,) not only overcoming the sin in their lives but also that the sin becomes more and more unattractive and ugly to them. They experience more of the abundant life Jesus dies, in part, to give them, which includes His joy and peace. This is not a just a doctrinal statement (or belief) from a church or denomination but the real life experience of not only myself but many other people who have received and walk with Jesus Christ, Who is not dead but very much alive and at work in the world and in the lives of people. God does not want anyone to go to Hell but that everyone receive His Son (to be their Lord and Savior) instead and spend eternity in Paradise with Him. This is why, in part, Jesus came to give His life for us on the Cross. He didn’t make them bad in the first place. In my religion, satan used to respect god, until adam was made. God told him to bow but he refused because adam was made of clay but he believed because he was made of fire he was better. Satan tricked adam into disobeying god by eating the apple which im sure your aware of that story and he was sent to earth. Satan told allah that he could make everyone bad on earth if he wanted and allah told him he couldnt. So when your praying and you hear that voice sayign your tired or hungry thats him trying to stop you from praising god. If you think about it its all a test to see what you will do.



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