Had a beard for 3 years now, it is not shaved by that thing is safe Ginger beard man shirt, cared for every day and given love to. I approve this message mr ginger. Take some of that and glue on your head sorry but while does not destroy my beard for that. That is a pretty beastly beard, my dude. That’s mighty fine beard you got there. Well if you guys didn’t have beards you would be walking around looking like big giant penises. I want to play that and put butterfly clips in it. And glitter. It would still look manly. It’s magnificent. I miss my beard. My new job made me shave. Should just quit.

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Ginger beard man shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Ginger beard man Sweater


Ginger beard man Tank top

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Best Ginger beard man shirt

This fireman is just gonna say no to the beard. I love my Ginger beard man shirt. This is priceless, love it. And my wife loves mine. Every man should have one. Just can’t relate, I’ll always be clean-cut and cleaned shaved. Well, I have a butt beard and I groom it every day. My husband’s job made him shave his beautiful beard. My husband has had a beard most of our married life together going on 42 years is my brand, please contact me to support a brother. I got my man mane. It’s white and I look sorta like a knockoff Santa.

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    I like this shirt

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