You should be sorry. This doesn’t even work. The only letter you’re using in Goku street style Bape Yeezy shirt. It doesn’t even roll off the tongue well. That’s a harder fail than Jiren getting knocked out by Goku and Frieza. To find out how many helium tanks lost their lives to air up this balloon tube into the next exciting episode of dragon ball z. Just make sure this guy not around to pop it as he did in the anime. Gotta give it to Goku. He’s saved the earth, galaxy, and universe so many times but now he is going to save the Macys Day Parade from total lameness.

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Goku street style Bape Yeezy shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Goku street style Bape Yeezy Sweater


Goku street style Bape Yeezy Tank top

Tank top

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I really wish it was a super Goku street style Bape Yeezy shirt. Im over the blue hair. Now I’ll watch the parade with ya! As long as he glides through lol. Make sure your girl watches the parade this year. Goku is strong af, but if you catch his ass off guard even a normal human can beat him. That is the worst pun ever but by fucking god, I’m here for it. We are officially going to the Macy’s day parade this year. I’ve never heard such a powerfully bad joke.



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