Put this in the same category as the Guinness US flag shirt that you gave the record for most hotdogs eaten in 3 minutes to the other day. He ate 9 another guy, Joey Chestnut, ate 15 in 20 minutes. Are we just making up records now? But not everyone goes in the chippy for just chips! If one wanted sausage and curry sauce, one wanted fish cake and peas, pie and gravy, and one a rissole. Large cod size of my hand. Worst experience I ever had. Those chips were awful to me, far too crispy and overcooked.

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Guinness US flag shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Guinness US flag Hoodie


Guinness US flag Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Guinness US flag Sweater


Guinness US flag Tank top

Tank top

Best Guinness US flag shirt

If these two were to fight in the Guinness US flag shirt I’m telling you now it would be the biggest selling event the world has ever seen. When I see people nowadays all around the world. I consider that I should nominate as well in Guinness World Records as a most normal person. What does wearing a skirt have to do with setting a marathon record though?


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