Kinda bothers me that none of these pics were taken correctly. My Halloween Bob’s Burgers family shirt is killing me. The first photo is close enough I suppose. Absolutely hated this for that reason. Just do it wrong. I do the same thing every year! Been doing my own Hocus Pocus tour for the past 8 years. Going again very soon! Other locations posted below. Really wish the photos were lined up. I love your pictures!! Just went there last month and took pictures at all the Hocus Pocus sites I loved Salem and I love the movie. Here’s me in front of Max’s house.

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Halloween Bob’s Burgers family shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Halloween Bob’s Burgers family Sweater


Halloween Bob’s Burgers family Tank top

Tank top

Best Halloween Bob’s Burgers family shirt

Except October is the worst time to go to Halloween Bob’s Burgers family shirt, as it is so jammed packed. Much nicer to visit durning spring or summer. Thank you so much for sharing my photos! Visit my Instagram page for a bunch more fun photos, merchandise, and Halloween news. We went to last year. It was insane. Our May trip was much more enjoyable. I came to visit from Texas so I ubered and had to get dropped off blocks away from town because of the traffic.

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