Yeah, these people are walking targets. Somebody’s gonna get shot with Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy shirt. If we had this I would send this to you. Thank your lucky stars this is in Kansas I am pretty sure you have multiple people in your life that would send this to you lol. I’ve looked into it but like you said it’s in Kansas otherwise, I think we would all be fighting over who gets to send one to John. Lol, remember I looked into this last year. I would have done it multiple times. It made me think of your post. I tried copying it to your post but it wouldn’t let me. If this was done here I’d do it to K. He would die.

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Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy Sweater


Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy Tank top

Tank top

Best Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy shirt

You guys are so lucky this isn’t in Halloween dog heckin’ spoopy shirt. I would definitely do this to you. If you did I would hire a clown hitman to go after you. It may not be a doughnut delivery but I am dressing like this for my arrival in Rochester to see you. I will leave you at the airport. Omg, who thinks this up. How about he just sets me on fire and throws snakes on me while he’s delivering the donuts. Unfortunately, they only deliver in Springfield, MO. But don’t worry. I emailed them about franchise options.



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