This is terrible, this is terrible. something Halloween Ghoul Gang shirt. So I think the Marilyn Manson version of this song is better than them. The one with the short hair on the left looked like she was having a seizure and the was so tone-deaf that it sucked to watch it. Awesome video and I have watched it more than 1000 times 70% because of the beautiful redhead. I was waiting for a badass breakdown. I was disappointed. Man, I’m liking the new slipknot album already. This is the type of woman I want to love the redhead creepy, cute, and just dark. Woah I love the girl in the left with short hair! She stole the show.

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Hey, it needs a man voice. For some of the scary parts of this Halloween Ghoul Gang shirt. Sorry girls. If you were to ever be in a band this is how I’d imagine it would be. That was terrible, that was terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. Broken Peach, they have a lot of videos, watch them, then decide. I like them. This is a pretty messy cover, but check out the short-haired chick on the far left she was the only one super into it all. I can’t believe what a piece of junk they turned this awesome song into, it is so bad that my coffee curdled and my ears won’t quit bleeding.

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