We should try this look for Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife shirt. Looks fine though. Im just going to sit on my couch and watch a movie with hot coco and ignore Halloween. When its Halloween anyways I dont care let me know when its thanksgiving though or maybe just you. It’ll take me like 2 hrs and I’m sure it would still probably suck. She literally just transformed into a mermaid I would do it, but I barely had enough patience to watch the almost 3 min video. I can’t imagine the hours it would take me to attempt it and fail. It looks more like to me Indian tales where female cobras can turn into human beings.

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Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife Sweater


Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife Tank top

Tank top

Best Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife shirt

I bet just by changing the colours you could do a really great Halloween love kindergartenteacherlife shirt. Love this did it on my niece this Halloween and worked great I was amazed nothing ever works the way it’s supposed to but this did thanks for show it. Halloween is about being something your not in real life If you want to be scary be it. If we all dressed up in scary costumes, it would be Sooo boring. Welcome to all come and play in the all hollows eve, with the whispering of the wind and the full shining moon Mermaids, fairies, any mythical creatures. All are welcome.



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    The tshirts were printed well and delivered on time. I would say u get what you pay for with regards to quality as material not the best. Material a little hard, not washed them yet so will see. Overall pleased with purchase and would definately recommend.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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