All weapons are useful Hannya DJ Samurai shirt and situational. Train with a particular weapon long enough and you become the equalizer. Tact, stealth, experience, speed, power are real weapons. If someone asked me to pick who I’d rather fight, someone with a gun who wanted to kill me or my sensei who wanted to kill me, I’d ask so, how well does he know how to shoot? Actual proper sight alignment. and that is if they are aware of the situation and react immediately. I guess a lot depends on the proficiency level of the handler. There is a real science to it and its a great topic to discuss.

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If only we can shatter the weapon that the assailant uses to pieces Hannya DJ Samurai shirt, then no one would ever rob you or threaten you using a deadly weapon anymore. All we can do is either give them what they need just to be safe or disable their hands and feet using a defensive technique that you knew. Too much TV can kill you sometimes with what the comic heroes do to the weapons themselves.



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