The fact this Jutsu helped save the world made me love the entire Naruto series and I love Hatake Kakashi Pikachu shirt. I always liked it but this scene was comedic, awesome and serious at the same time. I may be wrong but it was Kakashi who actually saved the world. If weren’t for him Naruto and Sasuke would’ve lost. And Sakura too. Kaguya did ignore her. I’m not saying Naruto single-handedly saved the world. It was literally everyone in Team 7. What I’m saying is this Jutsu helped save the world and I love how the first Jutsu Naruto created did that. I feel like Hinata probably said no to Naruto about teaching him.

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It’s okay Jeremy, sometimes you can say it’s stupid scene though as same as how some our complicated problem somehow fixed by a stupid solution and it’s working. I think Boruto knows Oiroke no Jutsu! But I believe thought it to Boruto, not naruto. When I first saw naruto doing the sexy Jutsu in the very beginning of the series I knew he was destined for greatness. I love about this scene was how the story came full circle. In his test to get into the Ninja Academy, he had to perform the transformation jutsu and failed miserably. He practiced it and ended up coming in the clutch at the very end.

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