Forget the Hummingbird purple flowers shirt the natural justice, the heavenly justice, the Godly justice, this is where man does his thing then God finally takes charge and deals with every aggressor one by one, they will all pay. Brilliant lawyers or not there is something that does justice silently and that is our conscience. Before anyone condemns her if she is guilty her own conscience won’t let her be. It will ruin her before the law does. Same to all those involved in this triangle. The innocent blood will never let them rest,God will never let them go free. God judges best even those so-called brilliant layers their time is coming soon.most of them value money much more than justice they swore to protect.No wonder cancer fire ain’t leaving us any time soon.shame on them.

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There’s something she knows about the murder that the Hummingbird purple flowers shirt. Her utterances and inconsistent statements since the husband disappeared puts her right in the center of the murder plot. And when you look at the value of the husband in terms of inheritance, you should ask yourself who stands to benefit most from death. African judges are knowledgeable but the majority of them fail the wisdom test. Prosecution I believe government employs the best legal minds.

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