Sid Vicious, the I have PTSD pretty tired of stupid democrats Trump 2020 shirt it is in the first place but founding member of the Sex Pistols, wrote this paean to his girlfriend, the great hustler Nancy Spungen, two weeks before she was murdered in Room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel, perhaps by Vicious’s hand. She favored beatnik-worthy striped mohair pullovers; she sported tight, shiny vinyl tops; leopard Tarzan minis; huge men’s suit jackets; fishnet tees over black bras; and octagonal-shaped shades. Around her neck, she hung an oddly delicate pistol pendant. Nobody can function well from a disturbed state of mind. When one is disturbed, they disturb others as well, with their thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors. Furthermore, it also hampers your progress, your growth, and affects your evolution as a soul as you close doors on yourself in the ego world. We all are an ocean of possibilities. We all can be and do what we want to be and do. Hence, develop a knack for constant learning and exploring. Keep your mind open through constant self-questioning which creates a desire to know how things actually are and how things actually work. Unless some amount of enthusiasm, passion and never say die attitude and approach to life is present, life cannot proceed in a smooth way. Life is an Always-be-happy kinda thing. There are as many ways to be happy as there are a number of days you get to live your life and spend your time on this planet. This is not an exaggeration or an overstatement. It is possible and well within the reach of each of us. All you need is a spirit of a traveler, an explorer, an adventurer so as to never let your dreams and passions die on you. Somewhere along the way some issue, some problems, external politics, negativity takeovers and it still does,  on and off to kill and pose a threat to yours and my awesomeness. But these things are not permanent, they are just temporary defeats or setbacks that come from nowhere and we have to keep reverting to our awesomeness. Awesomeness is the quality that inspires awe in people. Awe is a mixture of fear, respect, and sometimes admiration. It is not simply enough to be cool. You must make an impression. Every truly awesome person should have their own jingle, ringtone, or theme song that uniquely identifies them. What’s the point of having an inspiring song if nobody hears it. You need to enhance your awesomeness with technology.Nobody on the scene much liked Nancy, or so it seemed. Behind her back they called her “Nauseating Nancy”—she was considered loud, obnoxious, pushy. Her own mother wrote a book in 1983 called And I Don’t Want to Live This Life, in which she chronicles how impossible, how unmanageable, her daughter was. Spungen’s herself once explained, “I could have been a ward of the state. I had like a lotta problems. I was just real different from everybody else.

I have PTSD pretty tired of stupid democrats Trump 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

I was a lot smarter than them. So I just started to really rebel against my parents, I hated them a lot. They got really worried and sent me to a shrink. They just couldn’t handle it, I hated them so badly. I just couldn’t stand them. My parents didn’t like me at all. They just weren’t into what I was into.”What might she have become, if she had survived those raw New York days? I suggest purchasing the I have PTSD pretty tired of stupid democrats Trump 2020 shirt it is in the first place but Jambox Bluetooth speaker along with the accompanying neck chain. Now you can rock your theme wherever you go. It also works great as a speakerphone. Awesome people speak on the speaker in order to make their voices sound otherworldly. Let’s face it, awesome people have their own special way of greeting non-awesome people. Whether it is the alternating triple cheek kiss or a forearm smash, awesomeness oozes from awesome people and their awesome way of greeting people. You need to find your own way, but I recommend something like the forehead nuzzle depicted here. If waking up everyday with the goal to be awesome is the determining identity of the value one places on themselves, then I pity these people. Be of service to others without expectation. Know in your soul you’re good enough just the way you are. You should be looking forward to more awesome people, those who are doing better than you and make them your target. That way you would always be provoked to do better. Stop looking at the people who are behind you, because that would make you satiated and you would lose the zeal to do better. I guess you’re probably a bit over 50, or you wouldn’t have learned to use a slide rule at all, or at least, not enough to become proficient with it. I learned from my dad how to use one when I was 12 and I used it faithfully through college and into grad school. But even a rudimentary calculator can do a lot of things better than a slide rule. As I recall, there are quite a few functions that you can perform on a slide rule (maybe even the 7th root of pi) beyond multiplication, division, square root, and a few geometry calculations. But I never could remember much beyond multiplication and division. It can tell you the 7th root of pi and a lot of other functions.With the kind of ersatz British accent Madonna would adopt decades later, Spungen implores her drug-addled paramour, who is clad in a swastika T-shirt—the last word in sartorial offensiveness—to cooperate with the interviewer. “I’ll make you a cup of coffee,” she says gently. “You’re not talking intelligently, you’ve fallen asleep on your sunglasses—wake the fuck up!” At one point, she turns her raccoon-rimmed eyes to the camera and asks, “Should we kiss for you?”



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