The very uplifting voice sounds great I like her bobbers shirt. Truly amazing I’m ahead neck cancer survivor also and you truly are such an inspiration! You are a true inspiration, don’t be nervous, sounds absolutely beautiful Elly. Keep up your positive spirit! You truly are amazing and such a beautiful voice so powerful! Such an inspiration to many other people. This is wonderful inspiring be who you are. Such a beautiful soul. Kevin is gorgeous! She seems like such a positive spirit! I’m so happy she’s using her experience to help others. It’s really natural that all Philippines people really have beautiful smiles.

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I like her bobbers shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

I like her bobbers Sweater


I like her bobbers Tank top

Tank top

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The great thing I found I like her bobbers shirt when in the Philippines a few years ago is that everyone loves to sing. Let people live their lives no matter who they are. Let’s all sing. I’m very sad for his father, he wants to be happy but at the same time, he hurt his father. How come you live peacefully with your parent’s sadness. It is real happiness or what? Noticed the comments from Muslims are mostly negative that ranges from disagreement to downright vile.


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