I couldn’t help but think of you and your love for Little miss Christmas shirt. I feel like this would have been you an uncle mac this morning. I woke up like dis I know you did too. You wouldn’t know the feeling, because you refuse to watch it. I woke up like this except 7 ft shorter and a head full of hair but no soul either. I actually felt this morning knowing it’s only 30 days away. This was me this morning. I woke up thinking about Halloween. Well, now you all got me wanting to see this movie, so I’m going to make me a cup of coffee with some cheese and crackers and enjoy the movie.

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I watched this just yesterday my roommates were looking at me like Little miss Christmas shirt I was insane which we both know is 100% accurate but shh. Miss your face. Accurate description of me. Listening to Halloween tunes as I got ready this morning. This is what we will be watching tonight. I think it’s a little different for y’all. This was the first thing I just saw on my news feed when I just came on Facebook. But really more like Monday cuz I work all day tomorrow and ugh.

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  1. Gongcha Team

    Yet again Street shirts never let me down. Highly recommend

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