Still the best European football night of my life Liverpool The Reds Abbey Road shirt. Beats Istanbul in my eyes. It was indescribable. Only Liverpool F.C. can truly break your heart and then give you the ultimate dream. Truly unique the rollercoaster I’ve been on since I was born. By the grace of god born a red My First, My Last, My Everything. In Istanbul, Liverpool lost 3-0 in the first half. And just have another 45 minutes against the great AC Milan. Those legendary back-four Cafu, Nesta, Stam, Maldini from Milan was something else, even there was Dida in GK. Istanbul was magical always be the best this one is second Liverpool are the best in.

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Arnold’s vision for the 4 goals is insane for any player, never mind a player of Liverpool The Reds Abbey Road shirt. This has got to be the greatest comeback every and only Liverpool could have done that. Yet again another memorable European night at Anfield. I am a Manchester City Fan, but that performance was out of this world it was fantastic to watch, and in my opinion, after all that Liverpool supporters have gone through I feel that it was well deserved. Literally was the best day of my life as my daughter was born in the morning! Watched the game on my phone with my little girl.

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    Wow amazing shirt

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