There are articles everywhere that mentioned that Maleficent Green Bay Packers shirt. I don’t understand when I see all these great reviews on FB. Pretty soon that new movie Terminator will come out and Maleficent will drop even further. I really enjoyed it and I’m definitely going to see it again. Just watched it tonight it was the best love, Angelina Jolie, she is gorgeous, one of the greatest movies of fall, the costumes were fabulous. This movie was much better than I expected. I had to drag my boys to see it and they ended up loving it more than I did.

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Maleficent Green Bay Packers shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Maleficent Green Bay Packers Sweater


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My husband and I watched twice. So good everything costume visual Maleficent Green Bay Packers shirt and the story good for mother and daughter and love and peace over war. This sums up a Mother’s love. She did an amazing job. I’m not sure how she does it but wow. You really feel the love she has for that girl. I almost didn’t go to see it bc I didn’t really care for the first one but this one is great and I’m glad I watched it. I think the title is misleading and keeping folks away that would most likely enjoy the movie.



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    I made up this t-shirt for my daughter. It is even better than I thought. Have ordered another for my son

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