You make this Meowtallica master of kittens shirt thought of you instantly I prefer their old shit when they were a litterbox band but now they are too downstream. Now your gonna get sued by Lars Ulrich. Because he’s a cat person but because he’s a Metallica fan, Tony. I hope you appreciate this. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this. I bet this is yours. For the metal cats!! Maybe Zach needs this. Holy fuck, that’s awesome. Thank you. The master of puppets cover was my favorite it’s a tie with the unforgiven cover LMFAO. Who will listen to that shit dont put METALLIC down with that crap cats singing have those cats sing to a shit band like Stryper.

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Meowtallica master of kittens shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Meowtallica master of kittens Sweater


Meowtallica master of kittens Tank top

Tank top

Best Meowtallica master of kittens shirt

For some reason Meowtallica master of kittens shirt, I think I would non-ironically buy this CD. I just cause I’d know you get a laugh imagining boogers playing guitar. I thought about you but here. You know I think that I’d actually buy this. I’m actually laughing out loud. Isn’t this a little silly lol but I needed a laugh right now? Maybe this will change your non-love of cats? I totally thought of you on this one. You better watch the whole video.

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