If she is not a walking hourglass with Miller Lite US flag shirt, then the clock ran out on her. Thanks, Michael. Can’t argue with the facts. More taste is what matters. Yes! I was hoping you would play off this Epic! Looks like the bud light knight has fallen. Sorry Miller but your slap back at bud is weak. I don’t like either beer so this isn’t about preference it’s about the burn. You got burned and look even worse for your failed attempt to get them back. When I see your commercial I think, someone’s corn syrup went sour. Remind Brian that bud is the rice beer.

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Miller Lite US flag shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Miller Lite US flag Hoodie


Miller Lite US flag Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Miller Lite US flag Sweater


Miller Lite US flag Tank top

Tank top

Best Miller Lite US flag shirt

I don’t care about the commercials and Miller Lite US flag shirt, I care about taste and BL tastes bad. Suger is where it’s at. Duh. Too bad miller lite is not back on the 2 carats Martinsville this Sunday make it happen. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Do actors like miller lite? Ok, they can have it. Thanks, fans, for catapulting Miller Lite onto the Nielsen Top 10 Growth Brands list.


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