I love almost nothing more than podcasts about space and a good Never forget 43989 Wolf 359 shirt is hard to come by. Enter Wolf 359. The neat, short episodes of Wolf 359 cover dispatches from the USS Hephaestus Research Station as provided by communications officer Doug Eiffel. The other members of the skeleton crew dip in and out of his reports and stories of life on the ship begin to unfold, little by little. The cast dynamics are interesting, but not perfect. The ship’s resident batty scientist, Alexander Hilbert, has an accent that made me recoil initially, and the stern pilot Renée Minkowski is sometimes underplayed, sometimes ferocious.

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The moderately useless AI system of the Never forget 43989 Wolf 359 shirt, Hera, provides comic relief. There is something comforting about the tone. This could be because there is an element of nostalgia attached: it is a trace, in many ways, of classic BBC sitcom Red Dwarf. Wolf 359 is a welcoming, wholly established world. It may be a little rough around the edges, but that can make podcasts truly great. They’re often home-made, they’re projects of passion, they’re a vision made possible by the medium. The first episode, especially in the last minutes, contains a great deal of heart.


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