The difference between peak passing and Nike Kyrie friends shirt is the fact that they ended up scoring on this play; they turn the ball over this is nothing more than a common play. This was the ugliest display of schoolyard-level basketball I have ever seen in the pros. Make it black and white and grainy and it would look like the trash basketball played in the 50s. Okay, number 3 tapped it, took 4 steps, then tapped it again untouched by an opponent. Isn’t that traveling? and this is truly the epitome of the mediocrity ESPN and the NBA push off-peak performance.

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It’s funny to cause this like the Nike Kyrie friends shirt, sketchy response to MIA from when Bron did Jason Terry dirty. NO PLAY. Kyrie was out of bounds, foot touched the ground before the ball left his hands. 16 seconds into the video. They going to the finals. The deepest team in the East & most complete. Their attitudes will determine their latitude. This was literally a turnover but dude dropped the ball. Nothing “peak” about this. You said the other night that you weren’t sure if you knew a single Celtic. Here are the big three in one clip for.


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