I enjoyed the amazing The North Face the Leatherface shirt and also seeing some favorite outdoor mavericks. So I’m thinking since my Grandson is so stinking cute, ya’ll pay him for wearing The North Face gear lol. The running jacket is heavier than the previous model TNF Hyperair GTX which is my absolute favorite. What makes this new jacket better? Have a Futurelight L5, L6, and mitts, Feel great, Cant wait to get into the mountains and give them a good try out. Wow that’s was very impressive. Just a small bank loan required. It’s hard to pay Goretex pro prices for something that hasn’t been proven by customers yet.

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The North Face the Leatherface shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

The North Face the Leatherface Sweater


The North Face the Leatherface Tank top

Tank top

Best The North Face the Leatherface shirt

Bought by people who generally do not need a new jacket or The North Face the Leatherface shirt. This particular jacket? Maybe you are right and it is Vietnam, but who cares? They aren’t exactly known for excellence in manufacturing energy efficiency and environmentalism. We haven’t even touched on the energy required to make the jacket regardless of materials, how it is shipped, and the culture of consumerism the company is very much a part of. I simply would appreciate these companies to own their actions, too.



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  1. Gongcha Team

    Quite happy with speed of processing order and delivery times, easy to select item needed, good range of clothing, probably some more complex colours to be added in future?

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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