This should be the whole song and video. Like the Official Coldplay poster shirt, you put. That high pitched part can get lil headaches. Sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for this. I’m so excited about the new album. Thank you for all that you do. Hey guys, it would be awesome to release the making of the album as a bonus DVD or something. I am one of those fans that are musicians and who would love to see how you guys work in the studio. I love the way you guys evolve every decade I’ve been loving your music since 2000 and I think I was one of the oldest fans when you were in Miami in 2012 love your music.

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I’d love to be an Official Coldplay poster shirt in this Backyard. Such an organic sound! I love it. You guys got me through the dark, depressing, lonely years of middle school. And I will always love Coldplay for that. Simply perfect bro, when the music and good touches the soul. This clearly isn’t Chris’ garden in Exeter though, judging by the weather. Orphans were just in my spinning lesson, on my request. As beautiful as their spirit performing at orphans Garden.



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