Well isn’t that great Official Disgustang shirt! They are replacing Supernatural with Nancy Drew. Everyone that read these books has probably passed away already RIP. Rip to me and every other person my age lol. Easy there people just joking. That’s not even close to true but nice try at being edgy. Just thought I would make s joke I read them all myself and, I am still here too. Stoked! I loved Nancy Drew mysteries when I was a kid, they were the books that cemented my love of reading, mystery, and horror! Goosebumps was the first though! I’m still holding out for Wayward Sisters. Without Supernatural, all we get are shows with teenagers in them. Someday, networks will appreciate elder millennials.

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So much of my late 70s adolescence went into Official Disgustang shirt novels my best friend was also big into them; I guess between the two of us we had the entire series [hard cover]. I’ll always remember Sunday nights fondly thanks to ABC Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew followed by Battlestar Galactica a 10 yr. old can’t ask for better. Somewhere, in my early teens I moved on to Ian Fleming novels how I went from teen mysteries to James Bond, I couldn’t tell you?!? Today, at 50, I’d take the sleuthing trio over 007 any day life sure is funny sometimes!


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