That only works if you’re a Calvinist, believing that God created some people for salvation, others for condemnation. Under Calvinism, free will doesn’t exist — no matter whether you’re predestined for salvation or condemnation, there is nothing that you can do to change it. In most peoples’ minds, that’s inherently unjust, which is why most people aren’t Calvinists. I am an Arminian, a follower of Jacobus Arminius, who argued against the Official Family shirt it is in the first place but Calvinists, promoting the role of free will. (Technically, as a Catholic, I am supposed to be neither Calvinist or Arminian, the Catholic position kind of being a middle road between the two, but as a former Methodist, I’m still drawn to Arminianism.) So, in my view, God doesn’t create anyone to be bad, they just make choices that are the result of their succumbing to evil. Everyone should be able to tell right from wrong, good from evil, and if they make the wrong choice, that’s on them, not on God. When Jesus comes back the second time, He will resurrect the righteous and 1,000 years later He will resurrect the unrighteous. At that time, the unrighteous will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire where they will be completely consumed and totally annihilated. All that remains is God, the holy angels, and the righteous people. God grants free will to every person. God created this earth as a great experiment on love. The Bible tells us that God is love and that to love, means that you must be willing to give of yourself to someone else. This explains the Trinity. But the question God asks is, “Can I create free will human beings who will choose to love me?” The answer is yes and those who choose to do that will spend eternity with Him. However, by creating free will humans, there is a risk that they will choose not to love him. The ultimate fate for these people is complete annihilation. Some say that these people will be tortured for all eternity, but this goes completely against the character and loving nature of our God. And just in case, whether good or evil, everything is his will because without evil we won’t know how to be good. And just because it is his will doesn’t mean he did anything. Think of us like Machines at a Factory. He placed in the algorithms for our random personalities, set how our bodies are made, and added reproduction systems to allow us to make more of ourselves, then he just sits back and watches everything unfold.

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After we are made, he tells us we can do whatever we want and can choose to follow his rules or ignore them. He created man imperfect and he knew in advance what choices people would do. Punishing them for their imperfections is really just punishing men for his own shortcomings. Hell cannot be necessary. By definition an all powerful being has no need for a mean to an end. If God would want the Official Family shirt it is in the first place but should to be saved they would be so instantly, no suffering necessary. Why a sadist? He choose the price and punishment for sin. In fact, he decided what is sinful in the first place and created mankind capable of sin. Being all knowing, at the moment he created us he basically already had in mind the immense suffering that was to come. Did it anyway. Your a little kid, Christmas is coming. You being a kid want a new toy. You would be very disappointed if you got a broken one. If someone breaks in to your house to do harm to your family and you kill them does that mean you should go to hell? One of God’s laws is you shall not kill. And as we all know the law is open for interpretation and god does know everything so he would know that you where going to kill . Did he condemn you to hell before you where born? He knows all so would that make him an accessory? I think hell is where the “broken toys” go before they can be fix to move on. The fire and brimstone that you here about it is just a way to point out you need to do your best so you don’t go there. People worrie to much , about getting sick, bills, all the thing in the world and really don’t live. God created hell for the devil and the angels that followed him. We all have free will. You can choose to obey God and spend eternity with Him in heaven or you can choose to disobey him and spend eternity in the hell he created for the devil and the angels that chose to follow him. You are the one that decided to be good or evil. You are the one who decides to lie, cheat, steal or kill. Not to put too fine a point on it. When you plan your vacation you decide where you are going. It’s your choice.



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