What we hope is that an Official free Hong Kong shirt will restore its original peace. Our country will not allow any division. I will protect my country with my flesh and blood. Strongly support the Hong Kong police! Maintaining peace and stability in China! Hong Kong is a part of China. I don’t understand why the journalists keep filming the polices and never trying to show the world what the so-called protesters really did. One journalist even asked Carrie Lam directly when she would die. It’s so horrible and disrespectful. She is the leader of HK but she is also a mother and a woman. She has a family and she has friends.

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She is a human, not someone who should be cursed of all time. May all violence is gone. Give Official free Hong Kong shirt a rest. We support the Hong Kong police, oppose violent marches, and oppose media untrue speeches. You have your right to speak, I have my right to not listen. You can’t occupy the airport and force me to listen. In fact, We protect citizens every day. But now we are criminals in your eyes.



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