The book goes in deep detail about being an Official Geisha Knitting shirt. Yes, I remember watching this documentary years ago and being so inspired! I finally watched a geiko and a maiko dance this summer, but I’ve always wondered what happens should one fail the test. Apparently, if they fail they get hit with a fan. If they fail they actually bring shame and dishonor to there family and they don’t get to try again they are shunned. Memoirs of a Geisha is a great movie. This is on YouTube. It’s from 2005 I think. If anyone what’s to see it. It’s called BBC geisha girl.

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It didn’t show up on my phone, when I wrote it, that it was on Official Geisha Knitting shirt. I was just posting to help people. It’s off to school with you. I can one of us find that movie. God, I cannot believe the ignorance. A real Geisha is NOT A prostitute. If a Geisha was hooking they were going against the rules and doing it in secrecy. They were taught to be elegant respectful women in arts of dance, music, tea ceremonies, and hosting elaborate parties. If you really want to educate yourself watch a few documentaries or hell read READ memoirs of a geisha.



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