Flamingos fresh out of the egg are very ugly I know this Party like a pineapple flamingo shirt because I work with them and feed them lots of months little Flamingos because they came out of the egg at the same time to trip you out just that bit more. Once in a lifetime moment captured at the palsana village. Where farms with accumulated water is a good source of food for flamingo and we can spot flamingos in this location throughout the year during my visit in last winter spotted this flamingo was struggling to get rid of this plastic necklace thrown by somebody in accumulated water.

Party like a pineapple flamingo shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Party like a pineapple flamingo Sweater


Party like a pineapple flamingo Tank top

Tank top

Best Party like a pineapple flamingo shirt

While feeding somehow it stuck to the neck of this Party like a pineapple flamingo shirt the pic might look beautiful but flamingo doesn’t need a necklace. The image might be an eye-opener to the society and little contribution to keep nature clean is a reason to share. The mixture of feeling doesn’t know either to enjoy the beautiful posture or feel sad if it’s struggling. Be a flamingo in a flock of penguins. Yes, they do, it’s funny to see their heads moving from behind the Foliage and then out pops a fabulous Flamingo.


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