I was going to share this with Paw best dog dad ever vintage shirt when they were talking about the need for a dad. But when it came to the last bit about great dad’s..I’m sorry I couldn’t shade it because he left and never looked back to care for his kids. That BS I raised 2 kids by myself without their fathers being in their life. My sons turned out fine. I use to speak to kids in truancy through my job and I saw more two-parent homes with their child or children in these classes. So stop trying to make it seems like all children that come from a single parent home end up doing or being bad people. The term should be some single parent not all single parent. I am living proof that statistic is a lie.

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Paw best dog dad ever vintage shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Paw best dog dad ever vintage Sweater


Paw best dog dad ever vintage Tank top

Tank top

Best Paw best dog dad ever vintage shirt

Why in their country do they let to sleep there kids only Paw best dog dad ever vintage shirt It is safer and loved to sleep with your baby at this time that they still a baby because when they are already old you cannot play or enjoy being with them as a baby anymore..being a baby, time flies so fast. Never got in the crib with my kids, but at six (almost seven) and four, my daughters still like to cuddle in daddies arms at bedtime and fall asleep. Tommy is nine now and he loves when we get some father and son time together. Just the two of us without the girls. Be there for your kids! It feels every bit as awesome as it is.


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