Sweet divine Jesus I’ve seven IT Pennywise Chihuahua shirt at home at the minute I would die if one of them was taken. I have got the Mammy daddy big sister and four new arrivals since last week id is heartbroken. I never left my dogs alone in the garden until they were older and bigger. I’ve got two of these dogs, I wouldn’t be very happy if a seagull took either of my dogs, I hope and this poor lady gets her dog back. Aww, that’s awful I feel for you all. I hope you find your little furbaby. The poor dog, the owners must be so distraught. Watched the film Proposal last night a bird flew down and picked up the dog poor little dog lets hope for a miracle.

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IT Pennywise Chihuahua shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

IT Pennywise Chihuahua Sweater


IT Pennywise Chihuahua Tank top

Tank top

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I would be traumatized, poor family. A poor thing so scary hopes IT Pennywise Chihuahua shirt gets found and reunited with there owners soon. I hope by some miracle Gizmo is found alive. Omg bless the poor little doggy, I have a chihuahua and god help if anything happened to him he’s my baby hope they find him. I had a worm in my garden and a pigeon came and scooped it up. If anyone has seen it please help! Why are these animals doing what they were born to do?

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  1. Gongcha Team

    I will comeback and buy it

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