It’s really sweet that IT pennywise Corgi dog shirt I can’t figure out if you’re a guy or girl I’m not trying to be a hard ass, just giving my opinion like your ass is! Don’t like my comment then don’t read it byatch! As I mentioned before here are the two fucks I give Btw, I didn’t read it wrong she posted 2 pics one of her kids and one she clearly stated she made herself so I think you need to brush up on your reading comprehension dummy. You’re an ignorant jack ass. You stated how they must have mental issues but it seems like YOU are the one with issues. Flash your degree and salary around. My mother has NO degree and makes more than you so suck an egg. Asshole.

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IT pennywise Corgi dog shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

IT pennywise Corgi dog Sweater


IT pennywise Corgi dog Tank top

Tank top

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So cute IT pennywise Corgi dog shirt! I’m also a pastry chef and I love baking with my daughters. My 14yr old has her own bake mixes for sale now and has just won an award for Young Businesswoman of the year so happy to see our cooking dates have rubbed off on to her. She wants to be a surgeon one day though, so she won’t be following in the baking footsteps. Wow, what an educated and highly thought out response. Really, I’m blown away by your intelligent prose.

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  1. Gongcha Team

    Great work peeps. Shirts and hoodie look great. Super fast service. I will be using you again.

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