I went to these IT Pennywise Dobermann dog shirt at milk disco I can’t remember the name of the venue in Seattle 25 years ago was awesome really. red mohawk of the bass was very high and had an edge and pennywise melody was very in style and authentically represent a west coast American but also a heart of American hardcore underground. I miss them sometimes. I love this so much I am sat here laughing. Either take on me, every time we touch. That awkward moment when you use a cam copy of an illegal download to make a meme. This was all I could think about during that scene that’s why I was pissing myself laughing the whole time.

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IT Pennywise Dobermann dog shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

IT Pennywise Dobermann dog Sweater


IT Pennywise Dobermann dog Tank top

Tank top

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okay but was this an actual scene that happened in the IT Pennywise Dobermann dog shirt. I don’t care what you thought of this movie. Loved it, hated it, though it was average. We can all agree this scene was hilarious. YAll realize you skipped all the best ones. I would be terrified of the song Because I’m Happy by Pharrell Williams as well, it’s just unbearable. I never get tired of watching these. It wasn’t in the collection but my favorite so far has been Cotton Eye Joe.

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