This has brightened an awful day with Pikachu and Stitch shirt. Thank you, Pikachu! I love you 4ever! Wow, cool Pikachu! Thank you Sharing. Ah, the FB version of the catcall! Now we don’t even have to leave our homes to experience it. Ah and here we see why some men find it should be considered a compliment and not harassment Fascinating thread. I had him for almost 14 years! Had to recently put his mimic. Wow, you have been hiding such a cute and chubby man of your life from me. Wow, congrats! the cutest Pikachu I’ve ever seen. This Pikachu took all my childhood. I enjoyed it but at the same time, it is disturbing. Wow!

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Pikachu and Stitch shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Pikachu and Stitch Sweater


Pikachu and Stitch Tank top

Tank top

Best Pikachu and Stitch shirt

The new pokemon movie looks great Pikachu and Stitch shirt! I’m gonna get nightmares now very not thankful for sharing sir. I went to the 1st Pokémon movie in theatres in 1999. I was five years old. Now going back and seeing this one 20 years later was a HUGE wow for me! It’s definitely a more mature turn for Pokemon and it’s nice that they take some risks trying that new style. The detail in all these Pokémon is amazing. They look so lifelike. Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee are definitely the cutest. But Treecko looks ready to throw down.


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