I have always dreamed of a live-action Pokemon Pikachu Puma shirt since the series started n 20years later we r getting our wishes. Pokemon all look really extremely well done on CGI. I hope this movie does great so we can have more CGI live-action films of Pokemon. They could have made an epic pokemon movie, yet instead, they make a talking, childish Pikachu. I’ve only seen like one hour of gameplay, but there are details in the game that lead me to believe that is the plot twist. The game this is based on pretty much implied it from the start. But ends without ever revealing if that was actually the case or not.

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If I’ve correctly guessed the plot I wanna apologize to you all now lol. In the Pokemon Pikachu Puma shirt, Mewtwo implicitly reveals at the end that Harry Goodman is alive somewhere. The reason why Tim can understand Pikachu. I doubt it’ll stick to the game very solidly but may be worth putting Spoiler Alert at the start of your comment Borj many haven’t finished the game or even played it cheers for ruining the ending for me.



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