I read the info, Rick and Morty John Rick shirt. I’m glad I had to spell it out for your little brain. I love the visual too. The wait is almost over! Finally, even if it’s five episodes and a break I’m happy with that. This counts as one of your adventures. Sometimes I just don’t get this fanbase. Sure, we have to wait until the new year until we can see the other five episodes of Season 4, but I for one am happy the showrunners are taking their time. Besides, I’d rather wait a little longer for episodes that are actually good, than put up with 10 episodes of clearly rushed crap all at once. Animation takes a long time to produce after all.

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Rick and Morty John Rick shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

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Makes sense. At this point Rick and Morty John Rick shirt, Rick has been built up to be an unstoppable god and his own family is growing weary of his shtick the only way to keep the show’s original appeal without jumping the shark is to put more effort into fewer episodes. I am super excited for the two and a half hours of pleasure than another decade of suspense, depression, anxiety and self-loathing.



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