No Halloween is complete without Rob Zombie free the three shirt. Love him love him love him. We may have to go to this one. That totally looks like Jason Mamoa. If he’s going I’m going. Just saying. Schaynna can I go with you want to see this LOL. How did the show go in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night I’m sure it rocked as I imagined believe it seats 15,000. Wish I could be there. For there’s NO ONE like Rob Zombie when it comes to Halloween. Will I be able to dig through the ditches And burn through the witches? Omg and I’m going in September. Went from being the frontman of an awesome metal band to a complete pop-metal sellout who cries because the skate park down the street is too loud.

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Rob Zombie free the three shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Rob Zombie free the three Sweater


Rob Zombie free the three Tank top

Tank top

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Blast some of your awesome music in there please lol love you Rob Zombie free the three shirt. Will you go to this for me. I can’t find your comment lol it showed it but it won’t let me see it comment. But yea you can come lol I’ll be in the spa while you guys go in if you need me. I look forward to seeing you on my street all of you. Imagine how amazing this would be to go to omg. Further reinforcing my suspicions that Haig’s part is essentially a cameo. I’m wondering how much screen time Sid Haig has. She is an amazing actress and he is a great director. I enjoy and love his weird and silly odd creepy movies.

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